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  • B.S.Health and Human Physiology
  • November 3

About Me

Meet Antonio Garcia III - your personal trainer and founder of High Rise Performance. Born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago, Antonio knows exactly what Chicagoans want. Antonio’s athletic career started young in the early days of elementary school. He continued to thrive in competitive sports all the way throughout his university days. Sports like football, baseball, track, and rugby pushed Antonio into the world of fitness. As a teen, he started to take training very seriously. As the years compiled, Antonio had garnered a lot of information in the fitness field.

He attended the University of Iowa to complete his formal education. He graduated with a BS in Human Physiology with a focus on Exercise Science. While in school, Antonio got a job as a student personal trainer. Since The University of Iowa boasts a top tier recreation and fitness facility, Antonio’s training experience at the Iowa Rec center expedited his real world education.

Upon graduation, Antonio left his student job and continued his fitness career in Chicago. He started training clients at a well established personal training service. The company he started working for focused on high intensity interval training. Antonio began training clients who were looking for a long term fitness solution. His new clients came in a wide range of ages, with many being middle aged or older. This was a stark contrast to the college students Antonio was accustomed to training. Therefore, Antonio has acquired experience working with a large demographic of people throughout his personal training career. This gives him a large pool of previous data to refer to whenever he designs individualized workout programs.

As someone who has mastered a wholistic mastery in fitness, Antonio is the perfect mentor for the average joe who wants to begin his or her own fitness journey. He can also provide lots of value to those who have a bit of training experience. He has plenty of knowledge on how to advance those who are past the beginner stage.

After Spending some time as a business owner, and with a passion for challenge and fitness, Antonio decided to test himself at Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia where Marine Corps Officers are made. Antonio Graduated from Officer Candidate school, in summer of 2022 with an attrition rate of 50%. Antonio is now training at The Basic School learning to lead Marines as a Provisional Rifle Platton Commander, before attending Flight School as a Naval Aviator.

Antonio is the man you want knocking on your door and pushing you through workouts. Don’t put all the pressure of getting in shape on yourself. We can provide the boost you need. Contact us today!

My Fitness approach

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Weight Loss

Antonio strongly believes people should be trained to be well rounded in all aspects of fitness. He himself is an embodiment of his own philosophy. In addition to having developed muscles and high numbers on his lifts, Antonio is also extremely flexible and mobile. His strength is functional. After all, what use is working out if the movements don’t benefit you in the real world? By not neglecting the flexibility aspect of his training, Antonio can keep his joints healthy long term. He also strongly preaches cardio and muscular endurance. This is paramount for living a long, healthy life.

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