Madison Pecaitis

USAW Level 1 sports performance coach, CPR/AED 

Contact Info

  • (773)412-1592
  • BS-Engineering University of Iowa
  • USAW Level 1 SPC, CPR/AED
  • July 30

About Me

Meet Madison, your dedicated personal trainer at High Rise Performance. Madison's journey in the world of fitness and exercise science began in the picturesque town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where she was born to two highly motivated parents. Both of them held exercise science degrees and actively used their knowledge to teach others. From the very start, Madison was immersed in an environment that emphasized the importance of physical activity and the pursuit of excellence.

Growing up in an active family, Madison had the perfect role models to guide her on her fitness journey. Her father, a division one wrestler, instilled in her the value of discipline and hard work. She took this lesson to heart and delved into various sports, from dance to track and field. In the realm of track and field, Madison excelled in throwing the discus, shot put, and javelin. Her parents' unwavering commitment to hard work left an indelible mark on Madison's upbringing.

Madison's introduction to the weight room came in the 8th grade, thanks to her father. Despite initially struggling to lift the 45lb barbell, she persisted and joined the men's high school wrestling team. Her determination paid off, and by her senior year, she had not only caught up but surpassed many of her male counterparts. She had become so strong that they affectionately nicknamed her "Freight Train" – a testament to her unstoppable progress.

Madison completed a dual major in biomedical and biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa, showcasing her commitment to both mental and physical growth. Her ambitions extend beyond the classroom, as she harbors a strong interest in become a commisioned officer in the military. Madison thrives on involvement in extracurricular activities and served as the president of the University of Iowa Boxing Club. She has competed in several boxing matches and won the golden gloves championshiop for the state of Iowa.

Outside of her rigorous academic and extracurricular commitments, Madison finds solace in a range of activities. She is an avid traveler and hiking enthusiast, always seeking new adventures to embark upon. Her cherished friendships occupy a special place in her heart, and she prioritizes spending quality time with her loved ones.

Entering the weight room is like stepping into a sanctuary for Madison – it's the spark of light in her day. Her passion for exercise and weightlifting has been ignited since her elementary school days and continues to burn brightly. She constantly seeks personal growth and endeavors to push her limits each time she steps into the gym. For Madison, the gym is not just a place to achieve aesthetic goals; it's a haven for building routine, confidence, self-discipline, and consistency – qualities she believes are fundamental to self-improvement in all aspects of life. She understands that true progress involves not only sculpting the body but also nurturing the mind and spirit.   

My Fitness approach

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength
  • Boxing

In summary, Madison's journey from a small town in Pennsylvania to the University of Iowa embodies a commitment to excellence, hard work, and a passion for both physical and mental growth. As your lead personal trainer, Madison brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to High Rise Performance, and she's eager to inspire and guide you on your own journey to success, whether it's in the gym or in life itself.

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